How to get from Bangkok to Maeklong Railway Market


How to get from Bangkok to Maeklong Railway Market


Maeklong Railway Market or sometime referred as umbrella market is famous Bangkok market. Location isn’t really in Bankok, but it is 50-60km outside of town. Market become popular after series of videos and images of train passing just next to market stalls.
Maeklong Railway Market  opening hours are everyday from 06:20-17:40

There are tons of tours going there, but they aren’t cheapest and you don’t have your own freedom. Cheapest way to get there is taking trains all the way from Bangkok. That trip will cost you around 50-60 baht return, so less than 2 eur or 2 USD. There is no direct train going from Bangkok to Maeklong railway market, so you’ll need to change train once you reach Mahachai. But lets start from zero.

This train DOES NOT start from main railway station Hua Lamphong. You’ll need to take BTS to Wongwian Yai station. From there walk 10min (750m) to Wongwian Yai train station. There will be train waiting and it goes at 08:35AM to Mahachai. It is only one train so you cant really miss it.  buy ticket at counter  10 baht and sit in train. (There are actually more trains per day, but just 4 trains a day from Mahachai to Maeklong, and you need to schedule your arrival in Mahachai with departure of train to Maeklong station, so this one is best option)

It take aprox 1h to arrive in Mahachai, so around 9:30 you’ll be there. Once you exit train turn right till end of road and on your left side you’ll see small pier. Go there, pay 3 baht and take boat across river. Now on road turn right and walk 5 min to Ban Laem train station and take 10:10 train to Maeklong railway market. Last station is that railway market and you’ll be in that same train that pass trough market.
Train will pass back trough market for 15-20 minutes going back to Ban Laem station. Be prepared for lot of people and tons of chinese fighting for best position to watch train pass by.


Maeklong railway market train schedule is:
06:20, 08:30 and 09:00 are one you’ll miss. 11:10 is your arrival time and that train depart back at 11:30, so you can catch that one. Next one is arriving at 14:30 and departing at 15:30. Be sure to board this one at 15:30 as this is last train that can take you back to Bangkok. After that there is just one train at 17:40, but he will arrive at station and stay there until morning for 06:20 departure.
You can check entire Maeklong railway market train schedule here

Maeklong railway market train schedule 2017 2018

If you miss that 15:30 or you don’t wanna go back with train there are minivans driving back to Bangkok for 60 baht. They’ll drop you at southern bus terminal in Bangkok and from there you can take free shuttle bus to Victory monument. From VM take a ride back to your hostel/hotel.


maeklong train market

Maeklong tržnica kroz koju svaki dan 8x prođe vlak

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How to get from Bangkok to Maeklong Railway Market
Inside boat
How to get from Bangkok to Maeklong Railway Market
Inside train



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  1. While Talad Rod Fai boasts of being Bangkok’s first train market, it is nowhere even near it; this market was moved in 2013 after it became too large for its previous location. There is one market, however, that actually sits atop train tracks. As the train comes charging down, the market is transformed to allow it to pass. If you are in Bangkok and have an entire day without plans, head to the Maeklong Railway Market — here is everything you need to know before you visit.

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