Tourist visa for Thailand – Do i need it ?

Tourist visa for Thailand explained


Visa On Arrival:
People from 21 countries buy a Visa-On-Arrival for 15 days when they get here. The price is 2000baht

The countries that buy a visa on arrival are; Andorra, Bhutan, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Fiji, India, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Papua New Guinea, Romania, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Ukraine & Uzbekistan

As a rule a visa-on-arrival can’t be extended.

Visa Exempt or Visa Waiver:
People from 58 countries ( most of these so called western countries) get either a visa exempt or a visa waiver entry when they show up here. That means they didn’t buy a visa at a thai consulate beforehand & they didn’t buy a visa-on-arrival when they got here, but were stamped in for a period of 30 days for free.

5 countries get 90 day visa exempt entries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru & South Korea), 51 countries get a 30 day visa exempt or visa waiver entry and 2 countries get 14 day visa exempt entries (Burma <- by air, & Cambodia). List of all countries that are exempt can be found here

Since Dec 31st, 2016 people from 44 countries can now get 30 day visa exempt entries however they enter be it by a land border, air, boat, walk, but they can only get TWO(2) 30 day visa exempt entries by land in a calendar year and unlimited* by air. This unlimited will trigger alarm if you keep repeating it month by month as they’ll think you work illegally in Thailand.

In short 15 days visa exemption stamp does not exist anymore.

Tourist visa:
There are 2 types of tourist visa for Thailand: single entry tourist visa (SETV) and multi entry tourist visa (METV). Difference if clearly stated in name where SETV can be used just once while METV can be used multiple times within 6 months period

SETV – you can obtain this visa from any Thailand embassy/consulate worldwide and these are only outside Thailand. Common mistake is that this visa is valid for 3 months stay. Correct is that you have 90 days to enter Thailand once you got your visa and once you got in Thailand you’ll get new stamp that allow you to stay in Thailand max 60 days.
You can see on photo date when it was applied “valid from  14 Dec 2017” and “valid until 13 Mar 2018” Within these dates you need to enter Thailand. If you fail that your visa will be void even if you didn’t use it.
Once you enter Thailand you’ll get new stamp on which you’ll see date until you can stay. Check top right of photo bellow.


Visa extension:
If for some reason you want extend your stay and visa for Thailand you can do it easily in any immigration office in Thailand.
A visa exempt entry and tourist visa can  be extended for 30 days at the immigration office although I have not heard of anyone extending the 90 day visa exempt entries for any longer than 7 days. Fee for extension of exemption or tourist visa is 1900 baht.
To get extension you need to go at any immigration office inside Thailand and there you need your passport, 1900 baht, filled in application (get it at the immigration office) ,1 passport photo (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm), 1 photocopy of your passport, you current Thai visa, and your stamps into the country and sign all these copies.
Once it is done you’ll get big stamp as seen on picture above.
You don’t need to do it last minute as 30 days extension will start on last day of your current stamp, not from day when you paid for extension.

Visa overstay:
If you somehow overstayed your visa you will pay 500 baht fee for each day you overstay with max fine of 20000 baht. You’ll pay that fine on airport or border when you wanna depart Thailand unless police stop you before. In that case you will get detention and possible prison + ban to re enter Thailand.
In short do not overstay your visa.




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